An adult shop has become the victim of a crime of passion after a desperate thief was allegedly caught taking off with a $5,000 sex doll.

The criminal was captured on the Melbourne store’s CCTV camera rabidly attempting to get inside, hacking at a security barrier with a fire extinguisher and bolt cutters.

The balaclava-clad man eventually bursts through and disappears into the shop for a few moments before re-emerging with his new companion, known as ‘Dorothy’.

The CCTV footage shows the man struggling to cut through the barrier, before returning to his van and taking out a fire extinguisher.

He hurls the fire extinguisher at the door, before picking it back up and repeating the action several times. 

After eventually finding his way through, he returns to his vehicle allegedly with ‘Dorothy’, a 168 centimeter life-size pleasure doll. She sells for $5,000.   

The break-in occurred just after 6am on Sunday morning in Moorabbin, south-east of the city’s CBD.

A white Ford van can be seen rolling into the parking lot at the rear of the complex, where a man wearing stockings on his head jumps out and begins smashing at the gate.

The man was described has having a solid build. He was wearing a dark jumper with a red stripe, dark pants and dark shoes. He may look satisfied.

Dorothy’s whereabouts and welfare is currently unknown. 

Anyone with any information are being urged to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.