New York City Library Employee Wins Lawsuit Against City Over Right To Be Topless At Work

A New York City library employee arrested and charged with public lewdness last month will now be allowed to go topless at work, a federal judge has ruled. Brenda W. Melon, 23, was arrested last month and charged with two counts of public lewdness after school children snapped a picture of her taking off her top while […]

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A Page Turns In Las Vegas’ History: 76-year Old Prostitute Retires After Satisfying Her 500,000th Client

Today marks an important milestone in the history of prostitution in Nevada, as the legendary prostitute Beatrice “3$” Thompson announced her retirement after a 54-year career that left 500,000 customers satisfied, including four American Presidents. Nicknamed “3$” for the price of a blowjob when she started working in the sex industry, Ms. Thompson rapidly became […]

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