Your daughters love every inch of us, so why cant you

Aunt Karen, That sour syrup

June is national stop blaming white people month

Reverse Racism is hate speach.

wait until the people who just want to be left alone get involved

This is what Ignorance, Hate and Intolerance looks like

You Can Buy An Inflatable Pool That’s Made To Fit Perfectly In Truck Beds

This inflatable pool fits in the back of your truck, so you can cool off wherever you go. As summer rolls around, we’ll have to do things differently to spice things up while still social distancing. And Walmart may be selling just the perfect product… Well, kind of. A Summer Waves Inflatable Truck Bed Pool. […]

you can grab my pussy anytime, mr president

I love titties, any color

One hundred percent Post Malone would have been Joe Exotics next husband

I have trust issues but Putin is on another level