An Arkansas gentleman is accused of breaking into his ex-wife’s house and stealing a Dr. Pepper.

Officers with the Sherwood Police Department responded Monday night to a report of a burglary at 3490 E. Kiehl Avenue. They found a smashed window and the owner’s ex-husband holding a Dr. Pepper he’d taken from the refrigerator, according to an arrest report.

Danisho Goodwin, 37, became angry and aggressive,. then began to curse at officers as they approached the apartment, according to the report. He reportedly threatened to kill the police officers when they tried to handcuff him. Police said Goodwin’s ex-wife has a no-contact order against him.

Goodwin was arrested and charged with six misdemeanors and two felonies including threatening, burglary and theft of property. He is set to appear in court Jan. 7 2020.