While wild and feral pigs have proven to be a nuisance to farmers in rural areas in the United States and around the world, the destructive hogs also assisted with a small drug bust in Italy.

The group of wild pigs destroyed $22,000 usd worth of cocaine hidden in a wilderness in Tuscany by a gang of suspected drug dealers, Newsweek reported. After digging up the hidden drugs, the boars broke into the package, littering it across the Tuscan forest near Montepulciano, according to a Fox News report.

It was not immediately clear how the boars reacted to consuming the cocaine.

Police found out about the hidden drugs after placing a wire on a member of the group, turning him into a snitch, according to The Local. According to reports, someone in the group complaining about the boars’ destruction helped officers narrow in on the location of the cocaine stash.

Four suspects were arrested in connection with the cocaine bust, Italian newspaper Il Tirreno reported, two were taken to jail and two were placed under house arrest.

The four suspects are alleged to have sourced the cocaine from Perugia and peddled two kilograms each month throughout Tuscany at $90-120 per gram, Fox News reported.

Despite helping in this drug bust, the wild animals are considered a menace in other cases in the United States and in Italy (where their population has grown), causing sizable amounts of damage to farm animals and crops, as well as posing a danger due to their large size. The infamy of feral hogs grew following a viral tweet about an Arkansas man needing to kill “30-50 feral hogs” as a defense of assault weapons.