self control is important

Katy Perry Like Where Your Boob At

that moment she finally realized why she always gets free drinks at the bar

dog photo bombs sexy photo

friends are like boobs, you have big, small and fake ones

the wife said we needed a new coffee maker, her name is Jill

RCMP To Ban Sober Drivers On New Years Eve

‚ÄúThis New Year’s Eve RCMP are banning all personal vehicles from driving on public roads across Canada. ONLY those people who are under the influence or have a prior DUI conviction will be driving on public roads on New Year’s Eve. The goal of the initiative is to keep the public safe by penalizing all responsible […]

men look at boobs for the same reason a little kid looks at puppies in a cage

Your face will never be as happy as this one

Now that there, is a big-ass balloon